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The workforce is increasingly seeing diversity in all forms. Due to this factor, no single reward element continues to be a value driver. Employee preferences vary widely- influenced by age, life stage, personal career anchors and so on. Progressively, HR Managers are on the lookout for maximizing elements that create stickiness, by meeting individual or segmented employee needs that will ensure a better ROI on the investment and help organizations achieve the objectives that they set out with - to attract, retain and motivate their employees.

Aon Hewitt’s study reveals some alarming statistics. Sample this: 1 out of 3 employees are considering leaving the organization ; 1 out of 5 employees do not feel inspired to do their best work everyday; 2 out of 5 employees feel that they are not competitively paid, compared with other places they might work; 4 out of 5 employees say that benefits is an important retention lever for them, but 2 out of 5 are dissatisfied with their current benefits program.

To test this hypothesis, Aon Hewitt conducted a study to help organizations understand employee preferences and current levels of satisfaction across several elements of rewards and see how these preferences vary by demographics and life stages- Generation, Marital status, Gender, Location of Residence, etc. The study reached out to 7000+ employees across demographics and captured their preferences and perceived value across various elements of Total Rewards. The analysis presents compelling insights about employee preferences and possible implications for current and future employers. Organizations have been so far been over-reliant on factors like external competitiveness, vision of the company & its talent strategy, value drivers and financials while formulating decisions around Rewards Strategy. This study however, aims at finding out what really matters to our employees? What do they value most?

This session is divided into two parts: the Aon Hewitt study and a case-based approach by Genpact & IBM on what they are doing specifically for their employees. A special focus on Work From Home as a company policy, the challenges and how these organizations are addressing the same. The Genpact case-study is about a flex-work arrangement. A company which employs more than 60000 employees who run 4500 processes across 17 countries. The IBM presentation is equally wholesome and aims to address Work Life Integration and thoughts around that.


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